The Service

Kathryn Mewes believes that every family is unique and needs to be guided in a unique way.

The Bespoke Nanny service is based in London where all consultations are held.

Consultations take place on a Monday and Tuesday evening either in your home based in London or over the telephone.

The consultation is a 90-minute meeting, ideally with both parents.  Children are not present at this meeting.

Following the consultation Kathryn can offer her service in one of two ways, depending on whether you live in or outside of London.

For families living in London Kathryn can come to your home on a daily basis, for 1 or 2 days to help you on a practical level with your children.

For families living outside of London Kathryn will provide you with the framework of a 3-day plan to follow on your own.

Kathryn can no longer offer a live-in service.

Further Services

  • Corporate Speaking
  • Talks to Parents within schools, private homes or venues of your choice
  • Guiding staff within a Nursery School Environment
  • Article writing for magazines and newspapers
  • TV or Radio appearances in relation to parenting techniques