About Kathryn

Kathryn Mewes was born in 1973 in London and lived there for the first seven years of her life. She then moved to Wiltshire and in 1984 a final family move took her to Hampshire, where she completed her education.

In 1992 Kathryn attended Norland College in Hungerford and in 1994 she graduated with a Distinction and The Gifford Hall Award for Excellence. She then began her career as a Norland nanny, staying with families for a period of time and learning and growing alongside the parents. It didn’t take long before her fascination with the dynamics of family life became an on-going study.

After nine years as a nanny, Kathryn went to Australia, where she lived for three years. She travelled the country extensively before settling in Melbourne. By this stage, she had made the decision that she wanted to help and guide parents on how to make parenthood both easy and enjoyable, so she began to draw up her business plan.
Kathryn worked with several families in Australia, helping to resolve concerns they had about their children’s behaviour. It wasn’t long before she realised that she only needed to be in a home for three days in order to bring about long-lasting change.

The Three-day Nanny was born!

Kathryn returned to London in 2007 and launched her business in the UK. She is now based in southwest London but travels the country every week working with different families on their own particular ‘family challenges’. She goes by the name of Bespoke Nanny, and will arrive with her little suitcase, live in for up to 72 hours and then continue to guide that family by telephone.

Although she visits one and sometimes two families a week, Kathryn wanted to spread the word further. She believes strongly that:
A happy and contented life begins and remains in the family home.

By writing The Three-day Nanny and The Three Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved, she hopes to share with parents the techniques she uses when visiting homes for a personal consultation. Her three-day plans demonstrate how to help and guide your child to sleep, eat and behave well, and to master potty training.

Kathryn continues to help families throughout the country and can sometimes be seen cycling the streets of London on her vintage bicycle complete with basket and shiny bell!

Kathryn is Ofsted registered and a Parental Consultant at the Westover Clinic in London.

Give your children wings to fly.  Allow them to make their own decisions.