The 3 Day Nanny

The Three Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved Published by Vermilion 2015

In this highly practical book Kathryn demystifies your growing toddler's needs as he or she tries to make sense of the world. She also offers clear guidance on how to solve 100 common parenting challenges within the key areas of sleeping, eating, behaviour, potty training and relationships.
With the help of practical tools and advice on how to approach a challenge, including suggestions of what to say and do, Kathryn will help you lovingly and firmly resolve whatever it is within three days. She also offers concrete support for you as a parent to help you stay calm and in control, empowering you to parent your toddler with greater confidence and ease.

The 3 Day Nanny TV Series on Channel 4

In 2013 Channel 4 broadcast series one of The 3 Day Nanny, a television series based upon Kathryn’s techniques and 3-day ethos. The four-part series was produced by Liberty Bell for Channel 4 and broadcast at 8pm from Wednesday 18th September. In 2015 Channel 4 will broadcast the second series, produced by Avalon for Channel 4.

Praise for Kathryn Mewes:

'A real-life Nanny McPhee'
Daily Mail

'Whether it be sleep issues, thumb sucking, potty training, food faddiness or general lack of routine, Mewes will swoop in and after three days your family will be harmoniously but firmly put back on track.'
The Daily Telegraph

Kathryn is available for interview & select consultations.