Kathryn Mewes - The 3 Day Nanny: Sleep Consultant, Eating & Weaning, Behaviour & Discipline

Kathryn Mewes is the star of The 3 Day Nanny on Channel 4 and author of The 3 Day Nanny, and The 3 Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved, published by Vermilion.

When you are feeling challenged by your children and you don’t know which way to turn Kathryn Mewes can provide you with hands-on guidance and advice showing you how to bring about changes in your family life in just 3 days.

She provides a unique service supporting families for 1 to 3 days. Over this time she works with instilling confidence in parents.

With her 3-day plan she has had babies and children sleeping through the night, diets improved and changes in behaviour.

Kathryn has been supporting parents with children from birth to 12 years since she graduated from The Norland College in 1994.  With her extensive knowledge and experience she now provides a service to assist with:-

• Sleep 
• Weaning
• Fussy Eating
• Tantrums and Behaviour
• Potty Training
• Establishing a routine

Her ethos is that every family is unique and there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to parenting. She believes in allowing children to make their own choices and being made aware of the consequences of their actions. Her techniques are featured in The 3 Day Nanny on Channel 4, and Kathryn is the author of The 3 Day Nanny published by Vermilion in 2012 and The 3 Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved, published by Vermilion in June 2015.

The Three Day Nanny books detail three-day plans which demonstrate how to help and guide your child to sleep, eat and behave well, and to master potty training.

For further information simply email using the contact page or call direct on 0203 6540084

With the right guidance and opportunities, a child can be encouraged to make the right choice.